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Edge of Faith Magazine

Apr 28, 2020

Edge of Faith has a quick conversation with filmmaker Andrew Erwin about the movie I Still Believe, the true love story of Jeremy Camp and his first wife Melissa.

Apr 24, 2020

Today we are talking with Jim Wilder, Founder of Life Model Works and author of the new book, Renovated: God, Dallas Willard, and the Church That Transforms. This interview is not an official part of the April 2020 Issue of Edge of Faith, Mysticism and Spirituality, Seeking God in Crisis, but you can think of it as...

Apr 13, 2020

How does art give us comfort in this time of pandemic? How does visual art help to make a sacred space and help you on your spiritual journey to become closer to God? Is Art important in relation to our theology? If you want the answers to these questions then listen to the interview below. Also, enjoy the two works...

Apr 12, 2020

Don Everts talks with Edge of Faith about a Christian's spiritual walk in these difficult times. He also tells us a little bit about his last two books, The Reluctant Witness and The Spiritually Vibrant Home, both featuring research from Barna in partnership with The Lutheran Hour Ministries.

Apr 7, 2020

Why do we have ritual in the church? How do we as physical beings with spirit understand and grasp the closeness of God who is spirit? Do the visual and auditory acts of ritual work in our minds to grasp the beauty of the spiritual?