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Edge of Faith Magazine

Oct 13, 2020

Edge of Faith discusses four world views with Matther Dominguez: Idealism, Materialism, Monism, Theism. Learn the general concept of these world views in a conversational manner that will make it easy for you to understand their constructs and the consequences of following each of these world views to their...

Oct 13, 2020

Christianity is in every aspect of our life as Christians, and it should show. Politics is only one of those aspects, and it should be no different. We need to remember we are Imago Dei, created in God's image, and we should treat and support each other accordingly. 

Oct 10, 2020

Our politics and culture are divisive. Our culture is in decline. The faith of many Christians has wained and many of those who do claim to be Christian would fail the simplest statement of belief. What has happened to our church and our beliefs. Where is our stand and our ability to be the light in the darkness of...

Oct 9, 2020

We have conflict all the time in our day to day lives, some might argue even more in these trying times. Conflict and tension are nothing new to us as we walk in a fallen world. Brian Noble shares with Edge of Faith how we can use Biblical examples of tension to work out resolutions and manage conflict to a...

Oct 2, 2020

Edge of Faith has a candid and entertaining discussion with spoken word poet Amena Brown.